Pokémon Go – Good and Bad

Pokémon Go is the latest game craze mostly among Pokémon fans. It is a reality game makes the players feel like being in the virtual world of Pokémon, and be Ash Ketchum as they catch and train their captured Pokémons. Go and download the game app on your smart phones and gadgets to experience what these Pokémon addicts are up to. The Pokémon Go app can be downloaded from the App Store for IOS users, while the Pokémon Go APK are available for download for Android device users.

The Good in the Game

As people get more and more addicted to the game, it cannot be helped that there are also people who do not approve of the game. Pokémon Go game lovers have defended it by citing the good things that the game has brought. One of the good things that I must agree on is that, ever since this game was released, people started to walk. Individuals who are used to their sedentary lifestyles suddenly found a way to get out.

The Pokémon Go game app’s essential tool is the player’s gadget’s GPS for identifying the player’s locations and using their surroundings to simulate the virtual world of Pokémon Go. With this, players would have a better chance of catching pocket monsters if they go around exploring by strolling, walking, or sometimes jogging, than hunting for Pokémons while riding a vehicle.

 The Bad

The Pokemon Go APK also has its share of the bad side. In a search for the most popular Pokémon, Pikachu, players who are so much into the game sometimes tend to forget that they are still in the real world – that there are still dangers, that there are real-life villains other than Team Rocket. Players have become so addicted to the game that there have been a lot of news during this Pokémon Go craze, of people getting into accidents while playing the game, or trying to catch a Pokémon. So, to avoid being counted as Pokémon Go casualties, here are just two Don’ts that I think players should remember while playing Pokémon Go.


  1. Don’t play while driving. There had been news of car accidents by people who were allegedly catching a Pokémon while driving, which caused the car to crash, not to a wall, but to another person.
  2. As a respect, don’t catch pocket monsters inside places which are deemed sacred or holy, like the Churches. These places should be designated as Poké Stops, not even Pokémon Gyms, in the first place!


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